Justin and I at Mason Jennings

I'm little but not to be ignored.

Every weekday morning starts with a good work out. My new thing is aerobics classes- I know, I'm a nerd, but I love them! I am, once again, a die hard Gator fan. I grew up in Gainesville and was a fan from a young age. Now that I'm actually a student at UF, I felt the need to rekindle my love of football... but only gator football.

I have a problem with shopping. I have a slight obsession with office supplies. I'm a closet Mariah Carey fan, well not anymore. I also have a problem with giving away clothes, even if I haven't worn them in months/ years. Sometimes I can't tell my left from right. I have an insatiable sweet tooth because my mom is a master baker. I make at least one list a day and always have the items checked off before I go to bed, which sometimes actually include "shower" or "brush teeth" just so I can feel like I accomplished something. I know- weird.

My Daily Routine usually consists of:

  1. Waking up and saying "Hello" to the best dog in the world, McDougal
  2. Making the bed, Justin (my boyfriend) has now been spoiled so I have to do it everyday
  3. Going to school and freaking out about homework until my break when I actually get some done, but not before enjoying a fabulous Krishna Lunch
  4. And, of course, finding time to see my hard-working and handsome boyfriend, Justin.

Sometimes there's a shift at work, shopping or a good amount of TV somewhere in there but you know, oh the time...

I like:

car air fresheners that smell like cheap men's cologne, inside jokes, finding new music to love, remembering my dreams- even the bad ones, playing with makeup, raiding my friend's closets, getting a really good haircut, ring back tones on my cell phone, the smell of scotch tape, mini muffins, my job, money

I hate:

B.O., my car (My sister named him Gunther), light icecream, the way my mouth tastes after a night of drinking, cochroaches, tequila, the remote control- too much responsibility

Addendums to those lists to be added at later dates.

Hi, I'm Rachel

A word about Work:

I work at Leonardo's 706 (their Web site says it all). It is a locally owned restaurant that opened in 1974. I'm a server, which is fun, sometimes... Anyway we have the best garlic rolls in town and our desserts are all homemade and Amazing. If you live here in Gainesville, or are ever visiting, you should check this place out.

A word about School:

I am a senior public relations student at the University of Florida- finally. I say that because I went to Santa Fe Community College first, and it took me FOREVER to transfer over. Some friendly advice- just go to college. Don't try to get out of applications and essays- just write them. I wish I had; maybe I'd be done by now!!! Right now I'm taking public relations writing (a breeze after a nightmarish reporting class last semester), public relations strategy, principles of marketing and, my favorite, communication on the internet- obviously that's why I created this Web site! This summer I hope to have an internship and then I'm going to Knock Out my last year and get the heck out of here!