Lil' Boosie

Lil Boosie

He hasn't always been my favorite rapper, but his lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking. I understand his struggle and will continue to buy all his albums, so he can keep riding "candy" man


Ron Jeremy

Picture of R.J. and I

Revered by some and reviled by others, Ron Jeremy has been penentrating society since '68. I saw him give a seminar about pornography at Jacksonville University. He autographed my t-shirt and a photo, which I keep on my nightstand next to my bed to give me good luck and protect me from nightmares.

The Big Lebowski aka the Dude

Picture of Lebowski

I would not be the man I am today if not for the Dude. He is a constant inspiration. The star of the hit movie, The Big Lebowski, the Dude is a simple man with simple pleasures. He lives a humble life drifting from pay-check to pay-check, riding the gravy train and living the American Dream.