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I saw my first World Cup the summer of 2006. Since that point soccer has become my obsession. I refuse to give up until I can bend it like Beckham or have the masses saying Ronaldin-who? Soccer is the best sport in the world because unlike football the game never stops and anyone can play. You don't see much diversity in the NFL. Soccer inspires national pride and rivalry amongst countries. There is no greater feeling than scoring a goal. Homeruns, 3-pointers and touchdowns lack the joy and ecstacy of putting a ball through the keeper's hands and into the back of the net.

Watch Ronaldinho work his voodoo


An aspiring novelist, I hope to one day write the next great American novel. A few of my favorites are:


To my knowledge, there only three perfect films ever crafted: Dumber and Dumber, Oceans 11 and Wedding Crashers. These movies are classics and will never grow old.