Bryan Jones


Mug of Bryan Jones

In case you have yet to look at the top of the page, my name is Bryan Jones.

I am a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida, and you have just stumbled upon one of my class assignments — a personal Web site.

I would never hear the end of it if I didn't include mention of my beautiful girlfriend, Rachel, somewhere on this site, so I figured I would get that out the way now. We have been together for more than three years now, and I spend more time with her than I do at home.

You’ll notice this Web site talks a great deal about sports and sports writing. That’s probably because my life revolves it around now.

I am a beat writer, columnist and editor for the Independent Florida Alligator. Since I cover Florida football, I am doing mostly column writing this semester. I am currently the editor of, our Web site, though don’t be fooled by the title — the job requires little technical or web design knowledge. Next semester I am in line to take over as the sports editor.

I also cover or have covered Florida baseball, volleyball and men's basketball. I have had published work in Florida Today, USA Today, the Tallahassee Democrat, the Daytona News-Journal, and several Gannett newspapers.

My love for sports comes from my father, who is by far the biggest wealth of sports knowledge outside of that “Stump the Schwab” guy on ESPN. My dad reads football, basketball and baseball media guides cover to cover for fun.

Upon entering college, I realized that I had tons of useless knowledge, and being a sportswriter seemed the best way to put it all to use.

So now it’s my job to keep up with sports — an excuse my girlfriend still doesn’t buy.