Katie and I play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey at Vanessa's birthday party. I like this picture because it says so much about what it means to be a Katie. We can be misunderstood.

WIN with tree woman

Some of the girls from Women's Interlocking Network gather around a woman dressed as a plant at the 8th Annual Air Potato Round-Up. We should have won weirdest potato, but we got out in the first rounds. They gave us free T-shirts, though.

military ball

Brent and I dance at the Navy-Marine ball last November. I found it really amusing that they played the soundtrack from "Top Gun."

Alpha set-up

My set-up crew from Alpha retreat sits on the back of a golf cart at Camp Crystal Lake last fall. We popped the tire shortly after that picture was taken. My friend Emma and I designed the cool T-shirts we're wearing.


I try to finish a Vermonster at Ben & Jerry's as Ajay cheers me on. That thing had something like 20 scoops of ice cream, four cookes, two brownies and 10 scoops of toppings in it. I'm not normally a pig like that, but it was for a fundraiser.

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