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Things I Like

Well, where to begin? Food is as good a place as any, I guess.


Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of my favorite types of food, be it Lo Mein or Szechuan Chicken. True, most of the Chinese food we eat isn't truly "Chinese," but who am I to complain. Chinese buffets are a godsend.

Delicious Coke.

When I came to UF, I was very disappointed to learn that the university had switched from Coke to a contract with Pepsi. I was raised in a Coke household and I'll die in a Coke household. To me, it's the best beverage ever created.

Rock Music

Rock is my favorite type of music, be it 1970s Billy Joel (which would be classified today as "Pop") or 1980s Metallica, 1990s Offspring or today's softer Punk Rock bands like New Found Glory.

Book Cover


Yes, I enjoy reading books, unlike many young adults. Reading was always fun for me and is still fun to this day. Some of my favorites include Joseph Heller's classic Catch-22, Orson Scott Card's "Ender" series, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Also in the same category as reading belongs writing. I've been writing as long as I can remember, from fiction to essays to HTML code. Fiction is always fun to do, and now I've found that sportswriting is a great way to enjoy writing and sports.

A picture of my Simpsons DVD collection


I'll maintain to this day that The Simpsons is my favorite television show and always will be, but lately it's just not funny. Arrested Development, a sitcom that only aired for three seasons, is quickly rising up the list of my favorite TV shows. Also in the running is 24, but the show is beginning to lose my interest.

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