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All About Me

Well, here goes nothing. A little something about who I am.

I was born on New Year's Eve of 1986 at 11:40. In the A.M. I grew up in Kendall, Florida, a suburb of Miami that technically is not its own city, but it very well could be. I lived in Kendall for 14 years. After finishing eighth grade, I moved to Pembroke Pines.

A 				picture of me painted with Gator stuff.

For ninth and 10th grade, I attended Flanagan High School, then the most overcrowded in the nation. After 10th grade, Everglades High School was built and I finished my schooling there. I was salutatorian of my high school class and decided to go to the University of Florida. Not too close (a five-hour drive), but not too far either.

Now I am a journalism major at UF. I'm proud to be a Gator. Recently I got a job at the Independent Florida Alligator as a sportswriter for the local community college, Santa Fe. As a McDonald's ad campaign would say, "i'm lovin' it." I'm pretty sure I've found what I want to do with the rest of my life- cover sports and get paid for it. What a job.

The link to your left shows you some of the articles I've written for the Alligator. The most recent are sports-related, the older ones are not.

Oh, and my middle name is Scott.

E-mail me:edrexler@ufl.edu.

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