Early Years

Me playing guitar when I was very young

Most people who know me don't believe that I was born in Connecticut. Although I am Puerto Rican and have grown up in South Florida, I was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on April 11, 1986. I only stayed there two years because my family decided to move to Coral Springs in South Florida. In Coral Springs I attended preschool through first grade, when we decided to move again. This time we only moved 30 minutes south to Pembroke Pines, just in time for me to start second grade.

Teenage Years

While living in Pembroke Pines, we would make the 30 minute trek each day to go to school at Nativity Catholic School in Hollywood, where I stayed from second to eigth grade. Once I finally became a teenager, I started high school at Saint Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, where I played three years of volleyball and prepared for the next big step -- college.

College Years

After getting accepted to my fist choice, I enrolled at the Univeristy of Florida. With it being the first time that I was completely on my own, I was forced to grow up quickly. Although I spent my first two years unsure of what I wanted to study, I am now a photojournalism major and I am excited to see where it will take me in the years to come.