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logo-h2My Opinion on Traveling

I took this photo in Houston airport
I took this photo in Houston airport

We need to travel. If we do not get in touch with unknown things, we will become lethargic. Our world is so tiny, so if we do not travel, our curiosity will also vanish. Our life seems to be in a groove, and we repeat same things day after day, restricting the experiences of our lives. On the other hand, travel makes us modest. Speeding vehicles passed by, scenes continuosuly changed, unusual experiences, improbable friends, and other things that happened in our journey surpassing what we have known, arousing our curiosity, as well as inject new vitality to our groove.

Bored with my regular life and in order to celebrate my successful graduate school application, I decided to have a travel to Los Angeles, Death Valley National Park and Las Vegas for about a week. After a week's travel, Death Valley impressed me the most.

logo-h2A Story about Death Valley

I went to Death Valley National Park
I Stood on a Rock in Death Valley National Park

Can you guess which National Park is the largest National Park? Somebody will say Yellow Stone National Park, and some may say Great Valley National Park. Actually, the answer is Death Valley National Park. At the same time, Death Valley National Park has the lowest elevation, the least precipitation, and highest The temperatures in North America. This is a story about the name of Death Valley. In 1849, people found gold in California, and it set off a gold rush in the U.S. In 1949, there was a motorcade that wanted to find gold in California, but they were behind other motorcades Not regarding others' warnings, the motorcade decided to pass through Death Valley. With limited food, water and gas, the gold diggers felt hopeless, not only hopeless in their bodies, but also in their minds. Eventually, most of the group passed away in Death Valley, and thus Death Valley gained its name.

logo-h2My Journey

On My Way to Death Valley National Park
On My Way to Death Valley National Park

I believe the trip to Death Valley was demonstrated how small I am and how large nature is. In the boundless expanse, there were only rolling hills, endless roads and your tiny car. Spiny cacti and some other unknown shrubs randomly grow on the two sides of the roads. Sometimes, you will see sand dunes, and sometimes, you may encounter vast dried salt lakes which look just like accumulated snow. However, you seldom come across living things since Death Valley is too hot and dry. Originally, I believed I was really a hardworking, lucky and successful international student. However, at this time, I felt I was nobody, and compared with the nature, I was just a tiny object, just as a blade of grass. Therefore, I became peaceful in my mindset.

Endless Road
The Endless Road in Death Valley

The journey was also so painful since I didn't check Death Valley related information before I went there. I only had half a bottle of water, half a cup of coffee, and a hamburger. Fear, hopelessness, and helplessness came out from my heart. But I still could not see the end of the road or the end of the mountain. Eventually, I saw a small lake, a small piece of grass, and I knew I passed through Death Valley Successfully. The first thing I did when I came across a convenience store was to buy a bottle of iced sprite and felt the liquid flow in my throat. Being alive is better than anything.

I do not know the reason, but I really wanted to reach home and lie on my large comfortable bed and sleep after traveling through Death Valley. Even though it is monotonous, this is the real me and my real life. Maybe the art of travel lies in helping you to find your true self and return to your true self.