Fang Zhang's Hobbies

logo-h2Welcome to My Kitchen

I cooked this rice noodle
I cooked this Thai taste rice noodle

My Opinion on Cooking

To me, cooking is a life art. Fuel, rice, cooking oil, salt and other cooking necessities are just like the happiness, sadness, joys and sorrows of life. If we want to cook a delicious meal, we need a little bit of salt, a little sugar, some more honey and we also can't forget some spice.

What can I cook?

I know how to cook Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food, Vietnamese food, American food, and others. I know cook everything I have tasted. Still, my best line is Chinese food. Chinese food includes eight different styles, and the Xiang style, the spiciest, tastiest one is my favorite style. I also enjoy trying to cook different food, for example, dumplings, different chicken wings, tofu and vegetable soup, etc.

logo-h2Let's Listen to the Music

The cover of Bandari's CD
The cover of Bandari's CD

I can't imagine what this world would be without music. Music is as miraculous as the shadow that follows you. I don't listen to a specific style or specific person, and I listen to the music according to my mood.

When I feel sad, I will listen to some soft music, such as Bandari's melody, which is like mom's soft hands touching me softly and healing my wounds.

When I feel happy, I will listen to some light pop music. Avril Lavingne is one of my favorite pop stars, and I used to listen to her music with one of my best friends and dance along with the music. Though I am in the U.S. and she is in Japan now, when I listen to "Skater Boy", a representative work of Avril, I will recollect our beautiful experience during high school.

When I feel overwhelmed and stressed, rock music or heavy metal music helps me to unburden myself. For example, after listening to "Fade to Black" by Metallic, I usually feel peaceful and smooth.