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Cassandra's Hobbies

You are likely to find me wearing my running shoes. I enjoy exercise and recently ran my first half marathon. My best friend and I completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past spring. We have already signed up for the one next February. I hope to get my time down to two hours and ten minutes.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012
Cassandra and friend Kim at half marathon

I would classify myself as a picky eater. I am that girl who will probably order my meal off the kid's menu. However, I really enjoy baking. I can often be found in the kitchen baking brownies, cookies or any sweet concoction for my roommates and friends.

I am very close with my family. I miss them dearly because they are all up in New York. Chatting with them on Skype for even five minutes can put a smile on my face that will last all day.

Cassandra and the women in her family
Cassandra with the women in her family

In addition, I don’t think I could consider myself to be a true “New Yorker” without a love for shopping. Whether on the streets of New York or at the outlets in Fort Myers, I always look for good deals and special finds.

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