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Me at the Butchart Gardens.
A picture of me at the Butchart Gardens.

I have been many through most of the Eastern hemisphere!

My favorite place I visited was the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.

The Butchart Gardens visit was part of a early August vacation that I took in Fall 2011 before I started my third year in college. I went with my mom to Vancouver, Canada. Then we ferried across to the mainland and drove to Victoria specifically for the gardens.

The gardens are home to a large variety of flowers, because the climate allows for their growth. The worst part about the entire visit was all of the humming and buzzing of bees. Although there is enough nectar to feed all of the bees 20 times over, I still felt uncomfortable knowing that I could accidentally be stung if I looked into the wrong plant.

We visited the gardens for three hours before we decided to leave. There was a huge upcharge for lunch at the gardens, and the food did not look as delicious as it probably should have been. We left with a ton of pictures of many different floweres throughout the gardens. Thankfully, I left without getting stung by any of the insects.