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Travel Tips

As I have been to many places in North America and South America, I will share five travel tips that will help any seasoned or novice traveler.

Pay attention to important signs as well.
Pay attention to important signs!

Five Tips for Success!

  1. Make sure to book in advance, or be prepared to sleep on the floor.
  2. Know the official language of the country or region that you are visiting and buy a translation guide.
  3. Bring sunscreen and insect repellent, or buy it if you need it.
  4. Do not drink the water.
  5. Pack light.

All of these tips will help anyone who has traveled before or who is traveling for the first time. The last tip is especially important because you do not want to bring all of your clothes and leave no room for bringing anything else back. If you pack a small suitcase full of luggage and use air compression to pack your clothes, you will be able to fit five times as many clothes as if you did not compress them!