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Throughout my time at the University of Florida, I have picked up many different hobbies. Three hobbies I participate in include going to airsoft events, acting in Theatre Strike Force and playing in Humans vs. Zombies.


I first attended the Wayne's World Wasteland event three years ago. I went with a few of my fraternity brothers, and a few friends who were not in the fraternity. The experience was absolutely awesome! I do not like using airsoft guns (or any gun for that matter,) so I opted out of using any weapon other than my $5 plastic knife from Walmart. Even then, I was known by all of the players at the end of the game for ruthlessly hunting people down.

Me at the 2011 Wasteland event.
A picture of me dressed up for the 2011 event.

The scenario of the event is based on a game called Fallout 3. Basically, there was a nuclear fallout and the world above ground is left in shambles. There are cola caps as a form of currency, and everyone is trying to make ends meet to survive. The event on the field lasts from Friday night to Sunday morning. There are always players who will bring enough equipment to last an entire night out on the field, which is always awesome. Me and my friends this year intend to take control of an area during the evening to make our base.

Theatre Strike Force

TSF, for short, is a comedy improv group on campus that offers free shows to students around the year and during multiple GatorNights events. I joined TSF during Fall 2010 when I started pledging my fraternity. I remained an active member of TSF through Fall 2011, but I was unable to completely attend meetings and felt like I was only able to give 50 percent of my time to a place that I enjoyed. I left TSF in Spring 2012, but I still have multiple friends from TSF to this day.

TSF did many things for me. It showed me how to speak properly on a stage, how to project my voice and how to have confidence in anything, even if you know nothing about the topic. Because TSF is an improv group, all of the suggestions for the games are taken on the spot. This leads to a wonderful mixture of ideas that always result in an original, and sometimes powerful, piece. While I was not always the best at improv, I always enjoyed the time that I spent performing. I even performed in front of a large freshman audience during Summer 2011.

Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies, or HvZ, is a game of tag that is played at least one time each semester at UF. Although HvZ was not invented at UF, Jesse Schmitt brought the game to UF when he created the club in Fall 2009. Now, the club has over 700 active members and there are events that the club hosts throughout the year to retain players interests in the game.

Me during HvZ with paint on my face.
A picture of me with paint on my face during HvZ.

The game is simple. Every player except one starts as a human. The player who is chosen as the original zombie (OZ.) Players are indicated as being human or zombie based off of a bright orange bandana that will be wrapped around his or her arm for human, or his or her head for zombie. The OZ does not need to wrap his or her bandana around his or her head at first, because he or she is given twenty stealth kills where they can leave the bandana around his or her arm.

Players who are humans can use nerf guns to defend themselves. However, no player can begin with a nerf gun until they witness a kill or are told of it by word of mouth. There is no system to entirely verify that a text wasn't send out, but it is an honor system that most players follow. A player is turned into a zombie by being tagged by another player. The player tagged transforms into a zombie over a period of 15 minutes, and then he or she puts his or her bandana around his or her head.

The game usually runs through five or six days, 24 hours a day. As the game is played during class hours, human players have to constantly be on their guard to defend themselves from zombie players.

I played HvZ for three years before I decided to take a break from playing. There will be game this semester as well, and I am looking forward to watching players during the game. I already made my fame in one game where I was able to achieve over 25 kills in a two-day period, but I do not simply have the time to spend to achieve that once again.