The Ins and Outs of Panama City Beach

How to Enjoy Your Stay at PCB

I cannot caution visitors to Panama City Beach, Fla., enough to stay away from Thomas Drive whenever possible. Thomas Drive is the road that runs along the water and, consequently, the road that runs past all the condominiums and nightclubs. Obviously, it cannot be avoided in certain cases, but using a side street or Front Beach Road could shave at least 20 minutes off of any car trip within Panama City Beach.

When you travel to Panama City Beach, or any town on the Gulf of Mexico, you should always be prepared. I always try to keep a bag prepared in my car, just in case I take a day off and head to the beach.

To have a safe and fun trip to Panama City Beach, you need to bring:

Boots at Panama City Beach

My friends and I standing on the Florabama Beach,
where the state lines of Florida and Alabama meet.
We spent all day on the beach and then
went to a Jason Aldean concert that night.

With these items, you will be prepared to have a fun stay in Panama City Beach!