Places I have been

My first trip to Europe I was in fifth grade. My entire family went to watch my cousin Sorrel be baptized and meet my Aunt's new in-laws. We arrived in Germany and spent most of our time there. We only took time to visit neighboring countries.

The second time I went to Europe it was the summer before my senior year of high school. A group of about 20 kids went from our school and other close high schools. We spent two weeks there and took the train throughout different countries. We went to Italy, Austria, France, Sweden and England. France by far had the most landmarks I wanted to visit. I could have spent a week in the Louvre at least. Notre Dame and Versailles were also amazing. Much different then what I see everyday in Florida.

Notre Dame

If you are a classic rock fan like myself, then you will take pleasure in knowing I hunted for Jim Morrison's gave till I found it. It took me well over an hour. I found it interesting it was not what I had pictured. Here are headstones taller then me and I had to creep in between four of them just to get a glimpse.. In a way they encased Morrison's grave.

Jim Morrison's Grave
Grave of Jim Morrison. Singer from The Doors

Places I want to go

I tremendously enjoyed backpacking throughout Europe and would love to do the same on other continents. I would also enjoy touring the North American countryside since I have never left Florida except for the ever so often summers in North Carolina.

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