My Favorite Things To Do

Living in a state that never snows, we have pretty nice weather year after year. In my spare time I like to spend as much time on the water as I can. My father, brother and I always make it a point to dive for treasure together. We look up different historical facts/maps and make a trip out of it. We also make sure to fish while we are out in the open water. Salt or fresh water, doesn't bother us. However salt water fishing is my favorite. Nothing like diving for your own scallops.

Another hobby I share with my brother and father is our passion for Harley. Last October my brother and I rode to Daytona for Biketoberfest. Since we have discussed a cross country ride to South Dakota for Sturgis. However until then, I like to hop on the '68 Sportster and cruise through the backroads of Levy County.

Hobbies I do on my own include reading, writing, ceramics, hunting for big bucks, making new recipes, and I recently have become addicted to Pintrest. They have such great 'do it yourself' ideas that I find Sunday's have become craft day.

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