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My name is Patricia Roesch, but people know me as Patty. I obtained my Associates Degree at St. Petersburg College: Tarpon Campus. It was in my time there that I discovered I wanted to major in Journalism. I was nominated as Communications Student of the Year, and won. That made me realize I might have a talent in the field. My professor explained how he entered me into the contest and I would be judged against students from every ST. Petersburg Campus. (SPC). He told me I should be very proud I won since I was up against hundreds of kids.Also at SPC, I won honorable mention in the international Karen Pelz Writing Contest for a short novel I wrote in 2009. Then again I placed in honorable mention section of the Karen Pelz Contest for a memoir of mine in 2010. Having all that occur, it made me apply to The University Of Florida’s College of Journalism. I got in.

Since, I have been freelance writing for the Cedar Key Beacon and Chiefland Citizen of Levy County. This works perfectly since I live in Chiefland and commute to Gainesville for school. At UF, I feel that I am finding out further where I want to be in life. Taking classes such as Visual Journalism has helped welcome me into the world of Adobe. No longer do I look at InDesign and Illustrator and cringe. I am becoming quite fluent in their unique language. Classes like Reporting (with Master Lecturer Mike Foley) have beaten the AP stylebook rules into my head. With each new semester comes a new skill that will help me in the future. Also, with each new day comes a new friend to show me something I never knew before; or give me a tip on something that could end up being a story better then my last. I always try and keep my eyes and ears open and take the less traveled path. I want to make it in this field, and will do what it takes.

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My Brand/Logo


As a sixth generation Floridian, I would love to spend the rest of my life here and raise a family. I hunt, fish and do a lot of outside activities that would work well for me if I had a job in the arena such as The History Channel, National Geographic. But those are my dream jobs. If I could spend everyday outside doing something I love, I believe I will have lived my life the best I could have. I firmly believe that people should do what brings them the most happiness. Not only if it good for their soul, but it is good for everyone around them. Happiness is contagious.

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