The Hostel in the Forest

The hostel check-in area and kitchen are located in this geodesic dome.
Guests can swim or kayak in this spring-fed lake at the hostel.

Nestled in the woods off Highway 82 in Brunswick, Ga., The Hostel in the Forest is my favorite weekend escape. I have visited three times in the past few years and each time I leave feeling grateful for another beautiful experience. Whether I'm searching for solitude or community, I can find it in the forest.


Sleeping in a treehouse and waking up to the sounds of rain and birds chirping is rejuvinating. The walls of the treehouses are often painted with inspirational quotes and images of fairies and flowers. There are also journals in some of the treehouses where guests can jot down their thoughts, aspirations and passions.

Communal Meals

Eating homemade, communal meals is a unique experience because guests participate in cooking and cleaning, turning strangers into friends. Before each meal, guests and residents at the hostel form a circle and hold hands. Each person says one thing they are thankful for. Taking a moment to remember all of the positives in my life is a good reminder to be grateful for what I have.


One of my favorite memories during my last visit was when my friends and I kayaked to the middle of the spring-fed lake at night and star-gazed. It was a cold night, so we were all huddled together in blankets. We stared at the sky for hours.