Some Advice

Get lost. It was something I began when I was little. I loved when I explored new places in my neighborhood. I always knew how I came to be at that spot, and I figured I would never be in danger if I knew where I came from. Because of this confident - perhaps flawed - feeling, I never worried about exploring new places. Whenever I travel, I purposefully set off to see something I didn't plan to that day. It's usually the best thing I end up doing. There's a difference between exploring and putting myself in danger. I focus on avoiding the latter. Be smart about stepping out of your comfort zone, but by all means, go for it!

Austinlynn and I decided to explore.
We quickly gave up trying to follow a route.


I took this somewhere just outside of Florence, Italy. We headed east out of the city and rode the roads. It's more difficult reading Italian maps than we thought.