Ashley M. Podoll
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A Bit about Myself

New Places. I am one of the few out-of-stater Gators from Denver, Colo. I can't believe it's been four years since I first stepped onto University of Florida's campus. The time has flown by but I intend to take advantage of every opportunity I have senior year. UF has provided me with everything I need to tackle life outside of college, and I can't wait.

In a garden in Venice

New Things. I think it’s incredibly important to always try new things. Whether it’s trying a hobby, playing a sport or visiting a new place, I think people learn the most when they may be out of their comfort zones. This is an idea I consistently try to apply to my life.

Attending an out-of-state school fits this philosophy. I think the first time I noticed the drastic difference between Colorado and Florida was when a peer complained about being so far from the beach. Here I was thinking we were quite close.


The College of Journalism and Communications offers an incredible amount of information. It’s been a challenge trying to fit everything I want to study into four years. I think because of such troubles that I’m destined for graduate school. First, I plan on gaining experience in the working world.

I would love to focus on digital multimedia for a publication or a company. My business administration minor has allowed me to explore the marketing and management side of communication. I think managing the online presence of an organization is a great opportunity to use all of these acquired skills.