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New York
Visiting Times Square and Encountering
a Mysterious Arm
New Jersey
The Enchanting Borough of Hopatcong

Cold Places That Make Me Warm Inside

During winter break of 2010, my family and I went to New Jersey and New York. It wasn't my first time visiting these two states, but for some mysterious reason, it changed my outlook on things.

There was such an intriguing dichotomy between the city that never sleeps and a quaint borough called Hopatcong reminiscent of some David Lynch work. I had the fortune celebrating Christmas by the chimney, trying the famous pizza from New York and participating in an energy-draining snowball fight.

This trip gave me a feeling that I can’t describe, but, nonetheless, a beneficial feeling. It's hard to pin down the central reason why this trip was so moving, but the one thing that is certain is that I was moved.