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Self-Portrait, Oct. 2012

Tidbits For The Interested

Born in the mundane, suburban side of Miami, this is Gabriel, a twenty-year old, UF journalism student. Gabriel attended John A. Ferguson Senior High School and graduated in June 2010. Gabriel continued his education at Miami Dade College, where he graduated in May 2012 with an associate’s degree.

Gabriel’s mother is Colombian, and his father is Chilean, resulting in Gabriel’s multinational heritage. Gabriel intends on graduating from the University of Florida in 2014 with a bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in sociology. Gabriel’s heart is stuffed with many things, such as Harry Nilsson’s “Nilsson Schmilsson”, Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, Radiohead’s “Kid A” and all kinds of soup.

Gabriel finds himself in a stage of his life similar to this website, a work in progress. So while you read the information of this site and eye the pictures this site offers, which are quite shameless but hopefully offer you some entertainment, keep one thing in mind about Gabriel and this site: It’s going to get better.