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Student at The University of Florida

My name is Cristina Paneque and I am a journalism major and English minor at the University of Florida. I will be graduating in May 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. My future goals are to attend law school in the United States and study international or immigration law. I would also like to work abroad for a year at some point before starting my career; either by teaching in a foreign school or working directly with international policies in some manner.
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I grew up in a Cuban-American family and was exposed to a variety of different cultures at a young age. It is because of these experiences, and my general love of learning about different people and their beliefs, that has led me to the field I am currently studying and those I hope to study in the future. My passions include dance, writing and traveling. I want to use all of these to take me around the globe so I can learn as much as I can about the diversity our world has to offer. It is because of my studies as an undergraduate student at UF that have made me curious as to how to world around me works. I am constantly seeking new information, and constantly reading either The Economist, The New York Times or The Miami Herald. I particularly enjoy reading about politics and international affairs. One of my main goals outside of having a successful career and a family is to travel the world and learn a third language: I currently speak both Spanish and English. This insight into my personality is just one small fraction of what I have to offer to the professional spheres of international relations, journalism and law.
Profile picture of Cristina Paneque taken at St. Augustine Beach, on February 2011.