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Here I am doing the Gator chomp in D.C.

I don’t remember the first time I told a story. But I do remember having my dolls in my little hands as I acted out each scene. I particularly remember my poor, unfortunate doll with one eye gouged out (not by me, but by years of wear and tear) and with a nearly bald head from fallen hair. She was always the villain, which is something I kind of felt bad for as I became much older.

Hello! My name is Faithful Okoye. I am a University of Florida student majoring in journalism with a minor in history and theater. This is a website about my hobbies, my passions, about what makes me tick or get excited. You might see the activist Jackie Chan side of me or the fantasy Disney side or the adventure girl, or the laid-back history buff or the dug-in-my-typewriter creative side of me.

Stay tuned! And for a lack of a better picture, here I am doing the Gator chomp.