Jordyn Nealis

Jordyn Wray


photo of Jordyn Nealis
Right to Left- Bottom Row: Kate, Logan, Carson, Devon, Me. Top Row: Josh, Larry, Olivia, Mitch

Living in such a small town, with only two middle schools, and one high school, you pretty much know all of your friends your whole life. Three years ago, August 1, 2009, we all had overcome some of the hardest times of our short lives. My boyfriend, Josh, and two best friends, Devon and Carson, died on their way home from The Florida Keys. That tragic death hit home hard. The community came together as a whole, with more than 1,200 people attending their funerals. Even though everyone knew who they were, I had the privilege of being their best friends.

This is the last picture any of us got with all three boys in it. It took us about twenty minutes to get everyone to finally sit down and take this picture, which turned out awful, but we decided we would take what we got. They taught us a great deal about friendship, and we no longer take anyday for granted. We now have the best group of guardian angels out there.