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Me standing in front of the Plaza de Espana

Me standing in front of the Plaza de Espana

Last summer I decided to study abroad in Sevilla,Spain. I have been trying to learn Spanish and figured immersing myself in the language would be the best way. My roommate and I went through a study abroad program called ISA and studied in Sevilla for six weeks. We each took two classes at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. I think I learned more Spanish during the few weeks I was in Spain than I have learned during a semester-long class. By the time I came home, my Spanish had improved drastically and I developed a more authentic accent.

Toro de Oro

The iconic Torro de Oro

Overall, the experience was absolutely amazing and changed my perspective on many things. I am now open to the idea of living abroad, I better understand the Spanish culture and I have the urge to visit more people and places. Spending six weeks in another country also really helped me to become less ignorant and more understanding. You don't realize how different people can truly be until you are around someone from another country. The food, dress, morals, housing, tastes and lifestyle are so different. When I was in Sevilla, I fond myself wanting to blend in and look less like a tourist. I even bought an authentic flamenco dress. If you are ever going to travel and can't pick a place, I highly recommend Sevilla. The city is absolutely gorgeous and the people are welcoming.