Tova Miller: Resume



University of Florida
Degree expected: B.A. in Journalism, May 2014
Major: Journalism with an emphasis on Magazine, Minor: Art History
Lake Mary High School, Graduated May 2010

Jobs and Internships

Six Dollar Shirts Marketing Intern
Responsible for all social media content: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, Pinterest.
Fall 2012

Gainesville Today Editorial Intern
Wrote content, conducted interviews, attended photo shoots and brainstormed ideas for each issue.
Summer 2012

iChill Beverages College Ambassador
Promote the product iChill through distributing the product and creating content from UF for social media.
Fall 2011-Present

Grooveshark Student Marketing Team
Advertise Groove Shark by attending events and getting word out about the website.
Fall 2011- Spring 2012

Hillel Photography Intern
Event photographer, edited photos on Picasa and uploaded the pictures through DropBox.
Fall 2011

Dahlia Greer Public Relations
Conducted client research and organized it on Microsoft Excel, communicated with clients, updated the company website, updated Facebook and fact checked.
April 2011-June 2011

Camp Ramah Darom Photographer and Counselor
Multitasked by taking hundreds of photos daily, edited the photos on Picasa, uploaded photos to the camp website. Also planned programs and took care of children entering eighth grade.
Summer 2011

Extra Curricular Activities and Community Involvement

Student Government Productions Vice Chair of Marketing
Responsible for 20 percent of clubs $750,000 budget. In charge of overseeing all marketing efforts, social media outreach, website design, graphic design and photography.
Fall 2012

Student Government Productions Vice Chair of Communications and Outreach
Responsible for daily research and updating SGP social media. Create relationships with student organizations on campus throughout the year.
Summer 2012

College of Journalism and Communication Ambassador
Give tours of the School of Journalism building to prospective students and visitors, volunteer in a peer editing lab, table and advertise events put on by the college and assist in proctoring exams.
Fall 2011-Present

UF Bateman Team Ambassador
Worked under the coordinators of the Giggle in Gear campaign to promote awareness about healthy eating habits to underprivileged children, teens and their parents throughout designated areas in the Gainesville community.
Spring 2012

Director of Hospitality of Student Government Productions
Made arrangements for the catering of a music festival and made arrangements for musical performers to make their stay at the University of Florida enjoyable.
Spring 2012

Alpha Epsilon Phi
Active sorority member who participates in philanthropic and sisterhood events. Responsible for the Alpha Tau chapter blog, all apparel design and the distribution and the design of door decorations given to other Greek houses.
Fall 2010-Present

Assistant Director of Personnel of UF Florida Blue Key
Assist in the administrative work behind recruiting and planning the banquets for the organization.
Fall 2011- Spring 2012

ACCENT Assistant Historian
Took pictures on a Nikon D3000 collected newspaper articles, distributed flyers to publicize the events, attended all shows, and edited the photographs with Picasa.
Spring 2011

Gator Growl Solicitations Staff
Communicated with managers and delivered forms and tickets to organizations that donated to Gator Growl 2010.
September-November 2010

Lake Mary High School Yearbook Faculty Editor
Created templates designed and wrote the faculty section of the yearbook. Used InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Excel. Guided new staff members in writing, layout and photography.
August 2008-May 2010