Tova Miller: Photography

Photography is a passion of mine as well. I got my first Canon, a digital point and shoot, for my 13th birthday and have been an avid picture taker ever since. I took one film photography class in high school where I learned how to develop my own film in a black room. That class sparked my love for the art of taking pictures. During my junior year of high school, I saved up for a DSLR and was able to purchase a Nikon D3000. With my D3000 I have held multiple internships and was even a photographer at a sleep away camp in 2011.

Photos allow me to capture a moment in time. I try to take as many photos as I can. I am even guilty of falling in to the Instagram trend, a phone application that edits the appearance of photos to sometimes make them older, brighter, or darker. My favorite time to take pictures are at the Saturday morning farmers markets in St. Pete, Fla. Everyone is happy, there are great local vendors and it is just an overall great time. Below are some photos from some of my favorite moments.
Maroon 5 concert
Boats in St. Pete, Fla.
Boats in St. Pete, Fla.
Hut in St. Pete Beach, Fla.
Light fixtures at the Postcard Inn on St.Pete Beach, Fla.

Hope you have enjoyed a few of pictures from my portfolio! If you click on the thumbnails a new window will open, displaying the picture in a larger size.