Where have I traveled?


Zipline in Haiti
My mom and I after we zip lined over the water in Haiti.

After I graduated high school, my mom took me on a cruise that went to these different places. The first place we went to was Haiti. After we went there, I did not want to continue the cruise. There were men grabbing me and pulling me in different directions in the market place. However, this was not the real Haiti. We were in the Royal Caribbean side of Haiti. When we went on our excursion we went by a wall that separated the resort side from the country of Haiti. There were men standing there armed with guns making sure that the areas remained separate.


Garden in Jamaica
My mom and I in Jamaica

When we made it to Jamaica, I was not excited. This was the place we went after Haiti, so I did not want this island to be like the previous. We ended up climbing a waterfall and riding around the town we were in. The island was nothing like America of course, but it was a lot better than Haiti. People respected your personal space while they were trying to get you to buy their things, and there was also a outdoor shopping mall right by the port.


Our last stop on the cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. This was my favorite place we went to! We had also gone to Grand Cayman, but it was just like Florida to me. There was nothing too much different besides their currency. Mexico, however, was different yet civilized. Logo I could walk around freely without feeling intimidated or scared. We visited a private beach here that had the most clear water that I have ever seen. I do regret, however, that we did not go into the city and really experience what Mexico is and get to really experience the culture. This is the one place that I would go back to many times.