Jordan Louis

Costa Rica

Two summers ago I spent two weeks in Costa Rica with a group of my friends. We stayed in a huge treehouse in the jungle in a town called Quepos. Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful and I loved waking up to monkeys on our porch every morning.


For Spring Break, I traveled to Mexico. We went to Cozumel, of course, and it was really fun. I spent most of the time at the beach and also got a chance to swim with dolphins. Mexico's water is absolutely beautiful and the people there were very friendly.

San Fransisco

This past summer, I spent two months in California. I lived in the North Bay in a city called San Rafael. It was about 15 minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge and it breath-taking! The weather in the summer there is to die for, and I was very surprised at how cold it was. The fog is unreal in that area too, and causes the temperature to drop quite a bit. I spent most of my free time hiking in the mountains.