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It is no secret that I love sports, and as such this space will be for my personal take on some of the greater sports stories happening recently.

The Reality Of...

Lance Armstrong

On August 23, 2012, Lance Armstrong abandoned his years-long fight against the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). USADA banned Armstrong from competition and has stated its desire to strip him of his unprecedented seven Tour de France titles.

But that's not the reality of Lance Armstrong. That's not what makes his story relevant again more than a month later. Lance Armstrong's reality is his Livestrong brand. The iconic name has transformed a color into a philosophy. Nine letters have joined together to become a symbol, a symbol for all afflicted by cancer, whether that fight is current or has already ended in victory. That is the reality of Lance Armstrong.

Fans holding 'Chuckstrong' sign at Lucas Oil Stadium

On October 7, 2012, that reality was on display. The head coach of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano, is currently on medical leave so that he may focus on his battle with leukemia. The Colts, in a show of class, have left his position open as opposed to searching for a replacement. Against a favored Green Bay Packers team, the Colts played inspired football to grind out a 30-27 victory. SportsCenter then uploaded the above picture to their Facebook page, including in the caption that owner Jim Irsay intended to give the game ball to Pagano.

The Livestrong brand transcends any single sport. It transcends all sports combined. Rising above the debate over Armstrong's possible doping, rising above the validity of his achievements, the Livestrong brand is a beacon, forever tied to something greater than just an athlete's corporate brand.

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