Create Reality: What Defines Logan Ladnyk


Obviously, one of my biggest hobbies is following sports. Another hobby of mine is playing video games, though I have not had the chance to do as much gaming lately due to concentrating more on my academic studies. Aside from that, I sprite occasionally, but I've neglected that somewhat recently, as well.


My fantasy football team logo for 'East Coast Bias', my FF teamI grew up in a household that centered around sports. My parents both watched sports, and I played organized sports throughout my childhood and teen years. I was a keeper in soccer and a center in basketball. My brother and I used to play Madden or NCAA Football whenever we got together. My aunt would take me to a Buccaneers game every year before she moved to Tennessee. I won the title in my online fantasy football league last year. My FF logo was featured on a page of!

Video Games

I've always been a fan of video games, especially Nintendo games. My first system was the Nintendo 64, and I fell in love with it instantly. I still have it today and will go to retro game stores now and then, just to continue getting games for it. Since then I've followed video games with vigor, though my interest has waned a bit since then.

My top video game series


Spriting is the manipulation of pixels in order to create two-dimensional images. It can be used to create artwork, or made to be used in a video game. My first forays into spriting was just modifying a single frame of a Yoshi animation, but throughout the years I've made sprites in the style of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, as well as sprites made entirely on my own without a base image to work from. My best works are displayed at this site.