Hi! My name is Perri and I am a junior at the University of Florida. I am studying journalism, with a focus in online media and an outside concentration of business administration. Here at Florida, I am considered an outsider, being born and raised in the heart of New York. The first thing people ask me when hearing I'm from New York is, "Why UF?" And my answer is always, "Why not?!" With an outstanding journalism school and unbelievably warm, exciting environment in Gainesville, the college decision was no struggle for me. This project you are about to embark on is filled with information connecting my past to understand my present and future. In the upcoming weeks, I will be developing my portfolio to show you the things I've accomplished throughout my life.

My portfolio will give you information about me in the about me section coming soon. You will be able to look at the work I did during the summer of 2012, when I was the social media and marketing intern for a shoe company, Botticelli, located in New York City. I will be including different samples of work I've done in the clips page. For further information and to contact me, visit the contact page.