Travel Tips

Eat like the Argentines do.

A traditional Asado Argentino
A typical parrilla stand

If you're planning to travel to Argentina you're probably already drooling - for steak. It took me a month or so and a lot of spent pesos to realize that the best food in Buenos Aires will not be served to you by a waiter.
My recommendation is to skip the restaurants and hit the parrilla stands. You might question their commitment to hygiene but remember that most bacteria is killed at 250 degrees fahrenheit so stick with grilled meats and you're good to go. There will also be a green (sometimes red) sauce called chimichurri that goes with pretty much any meat and is a staple in the Argentine's diet. Take my word for it and don't be shy - slather it on and think about how American recreations of it might as well not exist. The first thing you should order is a choripan - a clever combination of the spanish words chorizo (sausage) and pan (bread) culminating in an incredibly simple and satisying sandwich. It's also cheaper than almost anything - except empanadas.