Christina's Travels

Good food at Williston Seafood Festival

Early this summer, 2012, I traveled to Williston,FL for the Seafood Festival. I do not like seafood at all, I actually traveled with some friends because I had never been. I enjoyed myself but I got really dark because of the sun.

I wore see through tights with shorts on top a halter top and sandals. Let me tell you Bad Idea!! I got so over heated I had to go back to the car and take off my tights. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to feel the breeze when it blows.

I enjoyed the aroma of all the different foods that people were selling, the smells made me so hungry. There was lemon pepper fish, chicken, shrimps, crabs, steak, ribs, hamburgers and many more foods that would have your mouth watering. We walked up & down the booths until we were tired. We got so tired until we stood under a tree in shade and just watched everybody else walk past.

We observed what other people were wearing and we got some good laughs. There were some crazy outfits that people had thrown together. Another interesting thing was the cars people were driving and the music that was blasted in the streets.

The seafood fest was more like a big block party if you ask me. By the time we left we were drenched in sweat and tired, definitely ready to go. However,I did enjoy myself.

Beautiful Python

I took a picture with a Ball Python that belonged to one of the merchants.I really love snakes & the Ball pythons are my favorite!!

People walking past almost ran me over trying to run away from the snake because they were terrified. I laughed because of the terror expressed in their faces.

I guess I was setting a trend, because other girls started to come over and take pictures with the snake, as if it was a trending accessory all of a sudden. I feel snakes are creatures that are misunderstood, but like I said before I love them.