Christina's travel tips

Christina's Checklist for attending Williston Seafood Fest

bag and shoes

When traveling to any place in Florida for vacation, in my opinion, it is always good to drink plenty of liquids and take sunblock. Most people do not have advice from others when traveling to certain places, which is why I am fore warning you of my list up above, when traveling to Williston.

You would want to pack according to how many days you plan on traveling. For example, if you are staying for a weekend I would pack 6 outfits; two for each day. Of course you would pack your shoes according to which outfits you chose.

Money is always a necessity when traveling, be sure to have spending money because you may find plenty of items you are interested in. Most important of all when traveling have fun, meet new people, & experience New beginnings.

You have not been anywhere until You've Traveled!!