Christina's hobbies

Dancing, singing and more

Me Eating

My Favorite hobby is dancing. I do it everyday no matter where I am. I have been a fan of dancing since I was in elementary school. It fascinates me so much because it is a form of expression. For me it is a pain & stress reliever, no matter how bad my day has been I can recuperate by dancing.

I watch my favorite dancers on "YouTube" and try to imitate their movements; people like Chris Brown, Ciara, and Aaliyah.


Singing is my second favorite hobby I go on YouTube just to sing along to songs my favorite artists create. According to others who have over heard me I have a pretty good voice. It's only a matter of time before I audition for "American Idol".


Somebody who is anybody loves to eat in my opinion. My favorite food is oxtails (a southern dish) with yams , and pigeon peas & rice. I also have a strong addiction to junk food. Every year I have a favorite new snack. This year it is cream filled chocolate swiss rolls.


You ask any girl on the planet one of their favorite things to do and I'm sure they will reply "shopping". I like to shop for shoes, clothes, sunglasses, and lipgloss. Unless I am financially unstable then I windowshop.

My favorite types of shoes are "Jordans" and any other high top sneakers that look unique. I also like buying sandals, boots, and high heels. I like tight clothing that shows off my body type. I would be seen buying skinny jeans, tights, and tank tops; or shirts with funny labels on them!