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A Bit About Myself

Senior Picture

I am a proud Gator, Attending UF has been a great experience. I am now a Senior at the University of Florida I am majoring in Telecommunications (Media and Society track) with a minor in Dance.

Future Plans

I plan on being in the Entertainment industry once I am finished with my Bachelors.

I am not on any sports team but I do love to play Basketball and Volleyball in my spare time, and I also love to swim.

I love to dance and sing and be goofy with my friends. So when I'm not in class or studying I'm just trying to enjoy life in the simplest fashion.

After I graduate I plan on exploring the world and getting to know other cultures besides my own. I am no stranger to traveling so far I have been to the Bahamas, Spain, and Africa. The next place I anticipate on seeing is Paris, France. Life is a journey and I intend on mine being an interesting one to explore.

Some of My Favorites

My Favorite Dancers

  1. Chris Brown
  2. Ciara
  3. Janet Jackson

My Favorite Singers

My Favorite Sport Teams/Players

  1. Dwayne Wade
  2. Lebron James
  3. Chris Bosh
  4. Mike Miller
  5. Udonis Haslem
    1. Derrick Rose
      • University of Florida Gators
      1. Tim Tebow
      2. Jeff Demps
      3. Chris Rainey
      4. Kenny Boynton