Professional Resume of Alexandra Gonzalez

Study Abroad: Seville, Spain

In the summer of 2011, I studied abroad in Seville, Spain for six weeks. I traveled there with UF in Seville, a study abroad program at the University of Florida. I decided to study abroad because I love traveling, I wanted to experience a new culture and I wanted to fulfill my Spanish minor credits in a fun way.

Picture of Seville, Spain in 2011
A beautiful view of Seville, Spain

The Program: UF in Seville

The University of Florida partnered with ISA, International Studies Abroad, to create this six-week study abroad program. More than 30 UF students lived with families in residential Seville, took classes in the city and traveled around Spain. The program cost included excursions with the program, tuition and the cost of staying with a host family. Host families gave students three meals a day, a private bedroom and laundry services!

I studied at La Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, located right in the heart of Seville. Our program consisted of two Spanish classes: one on exile literature and one on Spanish culture. The literature class was taught by two UF professors, who I was able to stay in touch with when we returned. In fact, I took more classes with them! The culture class was taught by a professor in Seville who worked for ISA. He and I still keep in touch, and he's taught many students from the University of Florida. These two classes counted toward my Spanish minor.

Alexandra Gonzalez with the statue commemorating Clara Campoamor in Seville, Spain
Statue dedicated to Clara Campoamor in Seville

My experience

I stayed with a host family in Triana, a residential neighborhood in Seville. Every day I would walk back from class, and a delicious lunch would be waiting for me on our kitchen table. I was able to closely observe the culture and customs of Seville life. My host family answered any questions I had and gave me suggestions for trips, activities and sightseeing opportunities.

I also took many trips while I studied abroad. I visited Madrid, Aracena and Toledo with my program. I also organized my own trip to Lagos, Portugal with two other students.

In Seville, I felt at home. I spoke Spanish every day, became friends with local Spaniards and walked through the beautiful city as many times as I could. Summer in Seville has definitely been one of my favorite experiences.