Professional Resume of Alexandra Gonzalez

Google BOLD Internship

What is BOLD?

BOLD is Google's non-engineering internship for rising college juniors and seniors. It's an 11-week internship in various parts of the company. BOLD stands for Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development, and the program focuses on providing opportunities to minorities.

I worked with Google's SMB Services team, which provides customer service support to the small and medium businesses in North America that use Google's online advertising, AdWords. I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan and worked in the office there with 15 amazing interns.


I heard about Google's BOLD Internship from a friend and UF alum who completed the BOLD program two years ago and now works for Google. I was on the hunt for an internship after my junior year and became very excited about the possibility of interning with Google. I applied in December of 2011. I was invited to interview for a position and was surprised - I've never had so much fun interviewing before! Going through the interview process made me more excited about the internship.

At the Google NYC Office
Interns Jeffrey Williams, myself and Aida Vega at the Google office in New York City for orientation

My Experience

My summer at Google was one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my college career. It was the first job I worked at full-time. The office environment in Ann Arbor was friendly and welcoming. My opinions, suggestions and work ethic were respected. I was taken seriously, even though I was just an intern. Google's culture of transparency and collaboration really fit me; I never thought I would find a company with values that matched mine, but I did!

The interns I worked with helped me grow as a person and became some of my closest friends. They were all intelligent and motivated people, not to mention hilarious and full of life. We became a tight-knit group and spent almost every day together. We planned trips to Chicago and Detroit, and we had our very own Independence Day picnic by the river in Ann Arbor.

At Google, I was able to use the communication and interpersonal skills I've gained from my journalism classes and involvement with the UF Speech and Debate Society. I spoke to over 300 advertisers this summer. I listened to their concerns, worked with them to improve their accounts and found convenient solutions for their needs. I was also able to use my Spanish language skills when I spoke to a few advertisers from Mexico. At the end of the summer, I received the "Best Metrics" award. This award was given to the intern who had the best statistics in terms of customer satisfaction, productivity, and other important measures.

Independence Day Picnic
July 4th picnic with the interns! Cat Johnson, Aida Vega, Willie Lamar, me and Amelia Marable.