Professional Resume of Alexandra Gonzalez

Picture of Alexandra Gonzalez during her BOLD internship with Google
In Ann Arbor, MI during my summer internship

About me

My name is Alexandra Gonzalez, and I am a journalism student at the University of Florida. I was born in Miami, Fla., and I have lived most of my life in the Sunshine State. I am Cuban-American. My family, culture and language are very important to me. Spanish was my first language. I grew up listening to Spanish music and learning how to dance salsa, bachata and merengue.

I came to the University of Florida for a number of reasons. I knew that a large public university would provide me with many extracurricular opportunities and a variety of choices for my course of study. The high school I graduated from was very small - my senior class had 70 students. I wanted to be part of a bigger campus in college. I am part of the university's Honors Program, which gives me the attention and feel of a small college while allowing me to be part of a much bigger campus. My stepfather and uncle attended UF in the late 1980's, so I was excited to become a Gator!

Alexandra Gonzalez at the Indiana Dunes
Summer 2011: a visit to the Indiana Dunes

I will graduate in May 2013 with a B.S. in journalism from the College of Journalism and Communications and a minor in Spanish. After graduation, I want to pursue a career in creative writing and public relations. I've written creatively since I was a child. It is one of my biggest passions, and I have always dreamed of publishing a book of poetry. I hope to reach that goal within a few years.

Although I am a journalism major, I have recently felt drawn to the world of public relations. It is a career that requires strong communication and interpersonal skills, which are my strengths. Public relations is a hybrid profession that combines the business and communication worlds. I am excited to enter a fast-paced, changing industry and leave my mark.