My Hobbies

A cappella

Sedoctave Group Photo
This is a group photo of The Sedoctaves after our headlining concert in spring 2012.

My mom likes to tell people that she knew I would be a singing from the time I was in pre-school. The story goes that I went to use the bathroom in the hallway of my Montessori school and, probably feeling lonely or wanting to fill the space, I started to sing Disney princess songs.

I wasn't aware that everyone in the front office and all the classrooms near the bathroom was able to hear my 3-year-old self passionately singing "I Can Show You The World." From then on, I was known as the Disney girl and I haven't stopped singing since.

Sedoctave Group Photo
The Sedoctaves warm up at SoJam on the lawn at Duke University.

After singing all through middle and high school in concert choir and show choir, I was determined to continue singing at UF, even if it meant auditioning and hearing the dreaded, "No." Having signed up for auditions in two a cappella groups before I even stepped foot on campus, I was clearly ready to go.

I always say that being a member of The Sedoctaves, UF's only all-female a cappella group, was meant to be. It's been the best part of my college experience thus far, and the three years I have spent in the group have been incredible. I love being able to tell people that I know how to beatbox, just for the look of surprise on their faces. We always joke that we would major in a cappella if we could. Sorry, public relations.