Tips for Travelling


Cabin in the Park with a Great Mountain View

I strongly recommend visitors live in the cabins with a mountain view. The rooms are fully furnished including everything you may need. Furthermore, there're TVs, audios, hot tub, and other kinds of entertainments you want to enjoy. As my personal opinion, it is more colorful and comfortable than camping.

IMPORTANT: In mountain terrain, the roads are rugged. Be careful when driving!

Group Activity

Enjoy Group Activities

The first time, 3 friends and I went there. However in the evening, it was dark all around, and we found nowhere to go. Because we only have four people, it was a little bit boring at night. The next time, over 10 friends went there. This time we really enjoyed a wonderful evening party. And it was more interesting to hike with lots of friends. To conclude, the Great Smoky Mountain is a place for group activities. Take as many friends as you can!

IMPORTANT: Be aware of bears!

Travel Tip for Gators

Great marine organisms
in Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Here is a piece of advice for Gators. If you have enough time, a better way of travelling is not to get there within one day. Take a stop at Atlanta, and spend one night there. If doing so, you will not be in hurry to get your destination in one day. And you can pay a visit to attractions in Atlanta as well. The picture on the left was took in Aquarium in Atlanta. It is the largest aquarium in the USA. There, you can see almost all kinds of marine organism that you can imagine.

Except the aquarium, CNN and Coca Cola Company are both attractions where people love to pay a visit to.

IMPORTANT: Dolphin shows end early in the afternoon. Thus the aquarium might be the first attraction you want to visit.