Xuemeng's Virtual Home

Xuemeng Fu
at St.Augstine, Florida

Greetings from a Chinese Girl

Hey, welcome to my virtual home.

I am Xuemeng Fu, a second-year graduate student of International Communication in University of Florida. I have found it really hard to define who I am. Well, generally I adore everything -- including novels, dramas, and movies -- of Sherlock Holmes. And I am a big fan of Chinese pop singer A-mei Chuang. I love travelling very much. And so far, travelling have made me figure out what my life is all about.

Unlike most Chinese girls, who prefer to living in or near their hometown for a life time, travelling is part of my life. Blowing are places I have been to after 18 years old.

For the 26 years of my life, I go farther and farther away from home. Every time I talked to my parents about this, I said, "I am like a kite, and you are flying a kite named Xuemeng".

What is the meaning of travelling? It means freedom and possibilities. In Beijing, I learnt to be independent and take good care of myself. In Suzhou, I communicated with all kinds of people, and I tried to make public see what the city was like. I treasure all the experiences that I experienced. Now I am in the United States, searching for new possibilities and opportunities. If you want to know me more, please see my RESUME.