Don't Get Lost on Cloud Nine

A Little Help from Me for Your Magical Mystery Tour

There are always challenges that come along with independent travels, especially if your destination is a place like

 Tibeten People
Tibeten People in Shangri-la
Yunnan with its high-altitude geographic environment, complex cultural customs, and religious beliefs.

There are several tips you might want to keep in mind during your magical mystery tour in Yunnan, China:

Have a basic understanding of local cultures.

There are quite a few minority ethnic groups in Yunnan, such as Yi people, Dai people, Naxi people, and Tibetan. You should know and respect their different cultural customs. For example,
 A Tibetan Buddhism Temple
A Tibetan Buddhism Temple
the Water Festival is a celebration by which Dai people pour water at one another as part of the cleansing ritual to welcome the New Year. You should understand that the act of pouring water is a sign of blessings and good wishes. Do not feel like being offended by a native resident who might douse you.

Remember to avoid religious taboos.

When getting along with people from minority ethnic groups with different religion beliefs, it is important to respect their beliefs and not to offend their religious customs. A large number of Tibetan people are pious believers of Tibetan Buddhism.
  Climbing the Meili Snow Mountains
Climbing the Meili Snow
Mountains 4292m above sea
Your unwittingly offensive words or behaviors might incite a negative response, which might even threaten your personal safety.

Be prepared in case of altitude illness.

Even if you have an athletic build and a perfectly healthy body, don't underestimate the effect the altitude illness may have on you. When you are in Yunnan, get sufficient sleep and take care of your food everyday. Make sure your body is in good condition. Always bring pills and oxygen bottles with you. They might become your lifesaver.