Ada's Dream Catcher
A Photo of Ada Yu Feng
Greetings from Ada
with the Florida sunshine.

Dreamer catcher, catches me...

I was 15 the first time I listened to the Beatles. The strong feeling came from nowhere stroke me with the sad tune. That was the moment when I found the answer for all my questions about myself, people, and the world around me. And that was where I found an imaginary friend for the anger, anxious, frustrated adolescent kid I was. The lyrics and melodies gradually grew to become some kind of belief, deeply rooted inside my body. Day by day I got older and began to talk to a friend on the good old days in high school. Then it came clear to me that it was all kinds of fantasies and dreams about music, love, and peace of rock music that were there with me through those hard days and nights during the troubled period of adolescence in high school.

My mom thought as the years progressed I would grow out of those adolescent dreams and be more realistic. The trouble is that the little cynical youth inside of me never die. I've gotten used to hearing my fellows characterize my thoughts and beliefs as unbelievably utopian and incurably romantic. Yet, years later, I could still comfort and inspire myself by the wise words from what my Liverpool boys chant, "day after day, alone on the hill, nobody ever hears him, the fool on the hill sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning round." Dreaming my dreams like the fool on the hill, I see another different but beautiful scenery on my way.

A real world is out of tune everywhere. Back to the harsh reality, I'm just another 20 some years old graduate student struggling with papers and distressed by the pressure of getting a decent job. This is my second year studying telecommunication in University of Florida. Read my resumé for more insights.

Gainesville, where I live now, is similar to the small town in China I was born and grew up in. They look alike in more ways than one. Life is good here, not too sweet, but never out of sunshine.

This is me.

Nice to meet you.