Hana Engroff

Finding the color between the black and white

Photo of Hana Engroff
Me with a clown in 2009.

Hi, there. My name’s Hana. It’s pronounced ha-nuh, not like Hannah.

I’m a third-year journalism student at the University of Florida. I hail from West Palm Beach, Fla. But being an Air Force brat, I’ve lived in several other places: Ohio, Texas and California. I’ve spent most my life living near the sunny beaches of South Florida, though, so I consider myself a Florida Girl.

In fact, this past summer, I went back home to intern for The Palm Beach Post. I was a community news reporter, covering everything from senior citizens woodcarving to government scandal (gotta love Palm Beach). You can read about my internship and other life experiences on my blog Crafting My Life Away. (I also love blogging.)

Although I’m a journalism major, I have several other interests and passions. One of my biggest passions is working with kids. After I graduate this spring, I hope to either get my master's degree in education or start teaching. I’m actually a final interview applicant for Teach For America. Even though it’s a highly competitive program, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Whatever I end up doing, and wherever I end up going, I know I’ll find the color in every situation. Carpe diem.