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Me standing atop the Tooth of Time, a bald rock peak high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Where Have I Been?

From the Rocky Mountains to the boundary waters of Canada, I've done some pretty spectacular travelling in the past.

Many of my most memorable trips were part of excursions organized through the Boy Scouts. Two particular high adventure trips: "Philmont" and "Northern Tier" definitely stand out among the others.

Northern Tier is a canoeing expedition through a series of lakes in Bissett-Manitoba, a province near Winnipeg at the south border of Canada. This was my first high adventure boy scout trip, and man was it a unique experience! The trip involved canoeing from lake to lake, and then splitting all of the packs (and canoes too) to be carried over land to the next lake. (This is known as a portage).

After finishing Northern Tier, I was ready to tackle Philmont. Philmont Scout Ranch, located in Cimmaron, New Mexico, covers a vast expanse of land in the Rocky Mountains. That's where I completed a 12-day, 70-mile backpacking trek. I served as the crew leader for my hiking group of 13 people, and learned a ton about leadership while experiencing the pristine beauty of the Rockies.