Chris Burg's

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My friend Jeffrey (right) and I belt out the lyrics to Reptilia by the Strokes during the Palmetto Senior High Battle of the Bands.


When it comes to hobbies, I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, and master of a few too!

Graphic design is one hobby in particular that I hope will one day become my career. It's something that I enjoy doing and that also keeps my imagination sharp and my creative juices flowing. You can check out some of my work in the Portfolio section.

My girlfriend, Kara (right), and I at Paynes Prairie.

Speaking of hobbies that I wouldn't mind as professions, making music comes in a close second. I picked up the bass guitar when I was about 14 years old, and taught myself how to play it. Today I'm still learning more and more techniques, and bass guitar has become a true passion of mine. Throughout high school, I even played in a four-piece rock band with a few friends (we play birthdays, weddings and Bar Miitzvahs, if you're interested in booking).

One of my favorite things to do is explore the trails of Paynes Prairie State Park. I love to get out in nature and enjoy some of the slower, subtler moments in life. Though designing graphics on a computer is pretty fun, getting out to Paynes Prairie, Newnan's Lake and other neat natural areas helps keep me balanced (and tan too).

As much as I like to depict myself as a nature-observing, music-making artsy intellectual, the truth is that I spend most of my free time playing sports. I love to play lacrosse, basketball and football. Heck, I'm happy just running around.